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Dyingstar Web: Web Application Developing for Business and Academia, and Support Throughout the Application Development Life Cycle


At Dyingstar, we love creating apps that will make your computer systems and web application software run more smoothly and perform those vital functions you need for success in all your business operations.

Dyingstar Web’s practical experience in finding solutions for clients is a testament to our passion for technology. We rely on our advanced knowledge of computer programming and the many ever-changing platforms and options available. We have expertise and certification in all the major coding languages, as well as many applications, server technologies, frameworks, platforms, and libraries:

  • CFML 4.5-9
  • MXML
  • ActionScript3.0
  • JavaScript
  • T-SQL
  • PL-SQL
  • HTML
  • CSS
  • XML
  • C
  • C++

Chances are, Dyingstar has already developed a tracking application similar to the kind you need. Our experience, expertise, and creativity have helped our clients in constructive ways. We live for solving problems in unexpected ways.

And our clients are often surprised by how easily Dyingstar streamlines and optimizes their workflow applications and tracking programs and how quickly they see the effects in the bottom line. At Dyingstar, we find solutions to your most complex and mundane IT problems.


From Custom Application Tracking Software to Small Application Development, Dyingstar Has the Solution You’re Looking For


At Dyingstar Web, we’re proud of our track record of creating elegant solutions to everyday problems. From business workflow apps to academic tracking programs to personal small application development, Dyingstar has probably done it.

Here are just a few examples of successful solutions activated:


The problem: It took a staff member 2 weeks each month to compile information gathered from all over the company.

Dyingstar’s solution: We created a corporate goals tracker application to automatically gather the required information. The staff member was able to complete this task in 8 hours a month, rather than 2 weeks, freeing up 9 business days to focus on more important work.


The problem: Before, employee award and disciplinary information was kept by each team lead in the company, leading to miscommunication and misinformation.

Dyingstar’s solution: We developed an employee performance tracker application, creating a consolidated place for that once-scattered information so new team leads could immediately access the full history of an employee. The app included business rules for when disciplinary actions would “fall off” and, after further testing by Dyingstar, included more modules that pulled data from many other sources to give a full picture of an employee’s performance, past and present.


The problem: Client work leads from all over the world were often lost or misfiled, meaning the company was losing out on many lucrative opportunities.

Dyingstar’s solution: We created an opportunity tracker application to consolidate all client leads into one central file. As opportunities advance through the process, the app updates the info so different departments can see the status at any time. This tracker app was so successful it survived a corporate buyout and subsequent IT department merger.


The problem: A health insurance provider was bogged down with manually performing routine administrative tasks.

Dyingstar’s solution: A system automation application streamlined these tedious jobs and increased administrative efficiency up to 90%, according to the client.


The problem: An environmental consulting company needed a secure online method of communicating with clients in the field.

Dyingstar’s solution: We developed secure online forums that allow clients to log in securely from any remote computer, and share image and document files of work in progress. This project included continuing app development with additional enhancements and security features. The forums were key in the company winning a major client.


The problem: The client firm was using survey reporting software that required manual coding for each new survey.

Dyingstar’s solution: We completely recoded the software to automate the process without having to retrain the staff. What used to take several days or even weeks now takes only a day or less.


The problem: Artist Jim Williams was having problems with his web site. Many of his images were too large, they were unorganized, they took longer than a minute to load, and adding new images was tedious and time consuming.

Dyingstar’s solution: We organized the site images, scaled them to the proper size for web viewing, and set up an administration area where Jim can upload new files easily. Jim’s customers can now use a mobile app to access his web site without losing sight of the scale of his images.


The problem: To ensure continuing accreditation, a university research team needed a way to track various cancer patients in a study.

Dyingstar’s solution: Our medical trials tracker application keeps track of everything from patient medical records to drug dispensing for medical trials. This app can even be modified for other trials and applications.


Discover the Possibilities of Web Application Developing by Dyingstar Web


Whether we’ve developed similar applications or need to start from scratch, Dyingstar can develop precisely the web application software you need. Call us today to schedule a web application developing consultation. You might be surprised to find the future has arrived.


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